Why hello free canvases on the sidewalk! Let me not pass on such a fine opportunity for free materials. And thank you Sarah Blake ’06 for discarding your work. Maybe many years in the future someone will X-Ray this canvas and find your crane.

For those who are curious, I pulled the pre stretched canvas from it’s frame and nailed it to one of my boards so I can work it with my rollers without getting an funny outlines from the canvas bars.

Here we go, trying something new.
I’m thinking about Maureen’s oriental carpet here.


We’re doing a custom piece for her, this scavenged canvas is not necessarily it, but Maureen’s carpet is my starting point colorwise.
This is a very different technique from my usual, right? I realized I needed some thick paint to cover the crane, so hello paintbrush application of your standard Utrecht brand bright white acrylic. Paintbrush and canvas? Hello classicism. I like how the wet paints are blending.