Almost twelve years ago I was biking to work on Market Street when a truck carrying cement ran me over. It crossed my chest, broke my ribs, which punctured my lungs. But my bad luck arrives wrapped in good luck. The frame of my bike protected me in a weird way. The truck didn’t cross my pelvis. I was wearing a helmet and didn’t crack my head. A kind man with a goatee held my hand in the middle of the intersection while I waited for the ambulance to arrive. I should have died but I didn’t.

This series is an extremely revealing and intimate journal of my life over a year long period of time. It documents where I have been, what areas I frequent, where I live, where my kids go to school, where my studio space is, what races I’ve entered, how I’ve placed, and each workout I complete. May was created wearing the fabric on which I stitched. Once finished, I submerged it into a bath to grow sweat crystals on the surface. May has been exhibited in the de Young Open exhibition, in MFA Never at Root Division and the SF School of Needlework and Design.


Please join me for a run.