In the middle ages the Unicorn was universally believed to exist. This made me wonder, what in contemporary times do we believe that is not real? 

My visual and technical inspiration for creating The Unicorn series draws from two sources: The Hunt of the Unicorn (a seven panel series of medieval tapestries that now hang at the Cloisters) and The Lady and the Unicorn (a six panel series of French medieval tapestries that hang in Musee de Cluny). The Unicorn tapestries of both the Cloisters and the Cluny appealed to me because of the magic of the unicorns and that both these narrative pieces of history have survived all this time. I then sourced vintage needlepoint canvases from eBay and used a variety of stitches in Bargello, Redwork, and Blackwork needlework techniques to unify the work and highlight important elements.