Recent Needlepoints

Instead of the commission I should be working, instead of the recent draft of my story, instead of making my bed… I’ve been needlepointing. 

The purple piece is a canvas I picked up from my favorite favorite shop Golden Gate Needlepoint on Sacramento Street at Presidio. Dangerously close to my own shop. Talking isn’t doing, good words to live by.

The pink gun I traced onto blank canvas and added the cursive L’oreal slogan. Je le vaux bien! I find this funny because instead of translating to “because I’m worth it” it really more accurately translates to “because I deserve it.” Ha! Because I fucking deserve it!!! Plus a gun. 
This is beginners’s art. Gun + words = profound meaning. So deep, man. Or it’s just aesthetics. I admit I did feel weird stitching a gun, especially since I was working on it at my shop and customers kept asking to look at it. I promise I won’t go postal! Trust me, stitched guns are the only guns that I support. But I’m out of thread and must wait to finish the piece. Now that is probably something that I deserve.