Banksy Banksy Banksy.

Far left, Bangsy? My guess, not Banksy. Seeing as how he is British and in the UK they call bangs fringe. So. There’s that.

All these street outlines. I can’t identify the artists but with Banksy fever running high I like to think maybe it’s a tribe of his followers set loose on the town. I like this picture I took of Leroy/jack hammer double teaming the hyrant. We discovered it yesterday on Divisadero at Grove. Most likely it’s an artistic comment on the insane amounts of hammering and construction for the Divisadero Beautification project and not a Banksy piece. But maybe???? No, probably not.

Anyway, Banksy. What irritates me with this Banksy covering SF is that it’s awfully convenient timing considering that the movie Exit Thru The Gift Shop is opening up, featuring art by Banksy and directed partially by Banksy. Or Bangsy as you see fit. claiming that Banksy is the Andy Warhol of our time? Please. Don’t get me started. Banksy is the popular kid in high school, not all that clever but people think he’s cool. And in my opinion, that does not make top quality art. But sure, I’d invite him to my party. It’s a kegger in my imagination- see you there.