Another Monday another stab at the commission piece

Here we are, my day off so it’s time to paint.

I’m trying to move away from the wormy color, introducing more green and ultimately bring the piece lighter. I’m also trying to incorporate more movement by using a paintbrush dipped in water amd the manner that I use my roller.
Each step gradualy builds up the paint.
Here you can see the painting panel onto which I nailed my canvas.
As always, it has to get hideous to get better. Barf. This stage looks like barf tho.
Yeah… Still not liking this much at all. I revisited the Oriental carpet that was the inspiration, and I think my colors are off. That’s why I mixed up the orangey peach tone that you see above. Going to wait for this layer to dry. Then attack it again.
We’re getting there but I would like to move away from the mauve.
This is getting pretty sticky to work on. Check out the closeup of the paint below, it’s as viscous as taffy.