Your can't Teach A Dog To Chew With His Mouth Closed

You Can’t Teach a Dog to Chew With His Mouth Closed

Moose (big), Bandit (little) & Leroy (tiny) are three doggies who have never learned to chew with their mouths closed. Inspired by the crunch crunch sounds of the happy dudes chewing their foods, this charming book is a lesson in manners and nature. Illustrated by Ruth Raser, all the dogs drawn are friends and family.


GUTSHOT- coming soon…

GUTSHOT revolves around Elizabeth Hamlin, fresh from dropping out of law school and breaking up with her boyfriend, who works at a card room south of San Francisco. She’s the lone white girl in the pan-Asian casino, where PaiGow and blackjack rule the day– and especially the night. What keeps the tables humming is “the juice,” the money loaned to the players and the money that pays them when they win. Against what’s left of her better judgment, Elizabeth becomes romantically involved with the charming but enigmatic Bobby Wong, the juiceman for the casino, who also is co-owner of the Satin Moon, a night club with a questionable reputation.   When a friend at the casino is suspiciously run down by a truck and a card dealer is nearly beaten to death, Elizabeth fears that Bobby might be involved. Compelled to find out what really happened and whether to trust her feelings for him, Elizabeth undertakes a dangerous inquiry and winds up gambling with her life.