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Why hello free canvases on the sidewalk! Let me not pass on such a fine opportunity for free materials. And thank you Sarah Blake ’06 for discarding your…

Goodbye Christmas

Sometimes it’s very hard to part with a painting. This one especially. But now it has a new home where I trust it will be loved.


 Only 11 months of my life! Will make a great tapestry once the pros block it for me.


The pillow for your sofa that matches the painting that goes with your sofa And here it is hanging at SOMArts

80’s style duel portrait

This is the portrait of my friend’s baby and dog and I have started and am hoping to complete in time. She wants the 80s style double exposure…

More abstract needlepoint

This is a project from the back-burner. A needlepoint created by printing my painting Russian Dolls onto mesh. Enough with the painting for the day!


Sometimes I have to change things up. Like this painting. I no longer like it. So it’s getting a redo.

Orange you glad?

Today’s piece is going to be just my favorite colors. I was reading about Egyptian Blue on wikipedia (fascinating, it and Han Purple are to 2 first synthetic…

Color me epiphanized

It’s a slow day at the shop and I found this article about Kristy Gammill on  Her work intrigues me.  Like me, she’s 34 years old (but…

Needlepoint tapestry

Oh lord, I’ve been slaving away on this tapestry for my brother. It is in your self-interest to find a way to be very tender. Soyez si tendre!…